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Distance- About Four Months

Tourists are not yet worshippers of God, but visitors who are here to "see the sites" rather than "meet the mayor." They like to touch on the hot-spots, and visit the "tourist-traps," and may not wish to join a serious tour group. They are curious about spiritual things but don't know how to go about it.

The Lure of the Brochure

You've probably had it happen to you-- the pamphlet promises heaven, but when you get there-- it seems more like hell! A big part of going on any trip is the risk you take getting there! There are issues of trust and questions of misrepresentation. Does it really look like that? Will I really experience all that people in the glossy ads do?

You can ask some already on the journey, but the question remains: can they be trusted? The only way you'll really know for sure is to 'come and see' for yourself.

Jesus invited his first followers to do just that. He asked them to walk with him and watch him teach. As they saw his teaching transform people's lives, these early 'disciples' (students) made their own commitment to not just watch, but to participate.

Signing Up

The Pathway is open to all, though the entrance can be hard to find and the initial climb difficult. No cancellation insurance is necessary; if you decide to quit you may do so at any time. Once you begin, however, it is very difficult to forget the Journey. Something imprints on your soul and marks you forever.

At Philpott church, you can make a connection with someone in the 'Newcomer's Cafe' on Sunday. They'll help you find your way as you start off on this journey.

Travel Partners

Other tourists will join the trip along the way. You will get to know your fellow tourists, people who have signed up for the same trip, people with the same expectations and excitement about the prospects of the journey. The key to reaching your destination is staying close to your guide. Tour guides have learned the pitfalls. By accepting their wisdom you'll find greater ease on this dangerous and challenging excursion.


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