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1.What is the Pathway?    Cat: Tourists
 The Pathway is a metaphor for our journey through life to becoming followers of Jesus. Jesus blazed this pathway before us, making a trail we can each follow.

2.Where will it lead?    Cat: Tourists
 The final destination is full maturity as a sojourner. You will become a tour guide yourself, able to lead others through the trail's challenges.

3.How can I belong?    Cat: Trekkers
 The best way to belong is to get connected along the pathway. A good starting point is to visit our Newcomer's Cafe where you can meet the staff and pick up a road map. We can help connect you with a tour guide to take you down the road to connection.

4.What am I equipped to do?    Cat: Trekkers
 God has given each of us unique passions, abilities, and talents. Our experience also plays a part in determining what we're best equipped to do. As you travel down the pathway you will learn how you can participate and carry your own weight. There is no hurry to discover your special equipping, but it must happen eventually for you to become a true trekker. We have an online spiritual gifts test which will help you isolate those abilities which God has uniquely given you.

5.What if I finish?    Cat: Trekkers
 Tour guides have discovered that the journey is never really complete. Life becomes the journey as you become a trainer.


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