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The destination to which this Pathway leads is spiritual maturity. But there other destinations as well.
  • First, we seek to unlock our spiritual life. This is done first by finding forgiveness for our mistakes and shortcomings. This forgiveness is readily available, for God has sent his son Jesus to make all of the necessary payments on your behalf. His death on the cross is just what was needed and he calls to you to join him on the Pathway. All you need to do is understand this, believe it, and accept it for yourself.
  • The second stop is "belonging." We will find an authentic community where we will be loved and appreciated for who we are, even if we don't look or act like those around us. The community isn't perfect, but we are gracious with each other, and honest with each other, speaking to one another with love.
  • Finally we will seek significance. Most everyone wants to make a lasting impact on their world and when we reach this destination, we will find the journey really begins.


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